Stephen Dickens
Artist Statement
As an artist and clinical art therapist, Stephen Dickens is interested in the interconnected layers of our psychological and anthropological systems that inform us of our existence as humans. The archetypal layers of previous generations become stamped on our psyche, perhaps informing us of who we are and what we do. Stephen’s paintings and drawings attempt to depict the parallels between our internal world (thoughts, memories, etc) and the interconnections of the external world and how they might influence each other. Dickens’ gestural lines create objective and non-objective forms, pushing and pulling, merging and intersecting synapses of color, all, of which, attempt to convey aspects of the human condition. Many of Stephen’s paintings utilize advertisements taken from the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn. The tattered and torn advertisements function as the ground of his paintings while also creating a ghostly reminder of our own human surface and the many things we consume to make us feel more connected. Stephen’s paintings and drawings propose the question, do we internalize the world based on our experiences or do we let our own internal representations (our ideas) of the world represent our experiences?